Sunday, November 25, 2012

Name : Jay-Em Archan
Real Name : Jim Ryan Sta.Isabel
NickName: (It's Up To You !) :D
Age:14 (whaaatttt!!!??)
Religion: Roman Catholic
Facebook Email : (in case you want me to chat on !)
-So that's it guys check it out ! 
Teacher: Class, what is ethics?

Student: Sir, Ethics are those cousin of ducks! What can you say sir?

Teacher: Very Nice Answer!

That duck will lay an egg and egg will be your grade.
What The? Hahahahaha xD
                             -Jay Em Archan  

Hey Guys This is my FIRST POST on my blog.. 
so Hope you will Enjoy and like My blogsite 
Thanks !
                                                      -Jay-Em Archan

For The First Time
-The Script